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About Us


Incandescence is a creative studio with a focus on brand engagement. Equal parts creative agency and production house, Studio Incandescence is an experience consultancy based in Seawoods, New Mumbai.

We do

We help companies enhance their brand experience by infusing art and science for efficient brand communication.

The how

Providing services on production and creative, we understand the brand for its positioning and the potential, and use this information to create engagements for a defining brand experience.


The Studio is for Companies and Individuals that value their conversations with consumers and are seeking to provide a memorable brand experience.

What we do?

We will listen, understand and simplify the ongoing dialogue of your brand with the consumers. We will create the ecosystem necessary to identify the brand experience and enhance it. Together, we will start a conversation.

Why Us?

We think of ourselves as storytellers among other things. We engage with intuitive planning and insightful communication, but more than anything we believe that a conversation is possible if the brand is willing to talk and more so, listen.We do not do this for you, but with you.

A Few Facts about our Agency

Clients We've worked with

Our Standard Skills

Design 92%
Animation 82%
Experience Consultancy 65%
Social Engagement 72%
Video 80%

Services We Provide


Design extends to incorporate all ideas and focus on the relevant. In areas of web, print and campaigns; design is an attitude that is part of our space. We are ecstatic to design for you, with you and about you. Brand communication, brand visualization and perception are rooted in design that speaks your language. An essential paradigm is design that is functional, product centric and user friendly. Artists are nurtured here, everyone else, adored. Fundamentally, we design everything.


The act of animation is giving life or spirit, the state of being animate or alive. Artists love expressing through animation. We believe they express it well. We do it to enhance product, service or brand experience. We do it anyways.


Social media spaces are essential to your brand perception. They are closely tied to brand promises and expectations. Managing them is an essential aspect, but building them to work for you is the essence of social engagement. On the overlap of the social media and personal engagement, we do it all. We like conversations. So we thrive on social engagements. Enough said...


For strategic brand communication, attractive presentation and informative content, corporate videos work wonders. But, they speak like you want them to, when we craft them like your conversations. Tapping into unlocked potential starts with the distinct advantage of a Video.


Events, brands & engagements are all closely tied to an experience. We consult on planning, resourcing, acquiring and creating such experiences. Individually or in unison, experience is never measured, but felt. As intangible and as prevalent as a brand, a brand experience is an ongoing dialogue. Design, engagements, animation, events and campaigns are billed. Fun conversations and coffee are on the house.

Our Featured Works

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Office No 6, Sai Sadan, Sector 40, Seawoods (west), New Mumbai 400706

+91 977 390 7355